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The Kat's Cookies Story

A bit about me:

My name is Katherine Brack and I am the owner and proprietor of Kat's Cookies. I have been doing this endlessly fun and rewarding "work" for five years out of my home in Marin, CA where I live with my husband and two children. 

The creative process has played a big part in my life for as long as I can remember. In my past life, I was trained in musical theatre and worked professionally ias a performer and teacher n the Bay Area for five years. When moves, marriage, and children came along,

that chapter of my life ended, but I was left with the acute need to use my creative soul-space.

I started decorating cookies as a hobbyist and when I made a batch of decorated Halloween cookies for my daughter's preschool party, one of the parents suggested I start

my own business - and that's just what I did!

As time went by, I learned more and began honing my skills (thank you, YouTube instructional videos!) and fell for the satisfying and meditative art of cookie decorating.

I still have a lot to learn - that's why I love this art form so much.'s also rewarding because the canvas

is just as delicious as the art on top! 


I hope you consider ordering with me to add something fun, unexpected, and unique to your next event!

For a quote on custom orders or to book an event,  text me at:


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